About NaturColor

NATURCOLOR is an herbal-based permanent hair color gel designed to change or enhance one’s existing hair color while blending in gray. This high quality product represents a new generation of hair colorings. It was formulated for those who are ecologically minded and may be coloring their hair for the first time.

NATURCOLOR is not for women only. Men can discreetly color their hair with it at home, and it’s great for beards and mustaches. The product was created for the busy, value-conscious consumer or traveler, male or female, young or young at heart, and a complete application takes less than an hour.

NATURCOLOR comes in 31 colors classified as: Natural, Ash, Mahogany, Copper and Golden.

Things you should know

  • NATURCOLOR cannot be used to drastically lighten the hair color.
    • You will get mild lifting of one to two levels.
    • You will get as much deposit (darkness) as the color you choose.
  • NATURCOLOR will blend different shades of existing color, without creating a monotone lifeless color. This results in natural looking variation throughout the hair.
  • NATURCOLOR is safe to use over previously color treated or permed hair. We recommend waiting a minimum of one week between perming and coloring. Always apply NATURCOLOR to clean (free of product residues) and dry hair.
  • Do not use NATURCOLOR over hair that has had henna applied in the past 30 days.
  • NATURCOLOR comes in 31 vibrant herbal colors classified as: Natural, Ash, Mahogany, Copper and Golden. To cover gray hair you MUST use one of the Natural (N) series colors. However, you may add color enhancements by mixing in parts of any of the other colors: Ash (C), Mahogany (M), Copper (R) or Golden (D).
  • You can blend any of the colors to custom formulate a personal color match with the exception of mixing Ashes (C) and Goldens (D), as these colors cancel each other out.
  • To prevent fading, it is best to use a shampoo with mild surfactants. No shampoos with an oil base, nor any that contain animal proteins or keratinized hair protein should be used.
  • NATURCOLOR is so gentle it can be used over other hair color or on permed hair. If you have used henna, wait four to six weeks before using NATURCOLOR™ for best results.

Why Naturcolor?

  • Lowest percentage of Peroxide. Just enough to allow Naturcolor to deposit on to the hair.
  • Contains no Resorcinol – known to irritate skin and scalp while drying the hair and creating brassy undertones.
  • Contains no Ammonia – leaves no lingering odor common with other colorants.
  • Contains no parabens.
  • Safe to use on beards or mustaches.
  • Formulated for American market, i.e. diverse population and frequent shampoo users.
  • Packaged with user-friendly instructions – easy to use.
  • Kit includes everything needed to color your own hair – color gel, gel developer, applicator bottle, plastic gloves, shampoo and conditioner.
  • We made our colors to be used by the consumer at home. The packaging allows for custom blending, and for you to only mix what you need to apply.
  • NATURCOLOR leaves hair soft, moisturized and with the appearance of glossy highlights. Your hair actually feels better after you’ve colored!
  • You know the ingredients of the product you are using. Only the finest ingredients are being used, which eliminates the fear of harming your hair, or risking your health.
  • NATURCOLOR can be used repeatedly without damaging the hair, unlike other harsh chemical hair colors, which makes it perfect for consumers who find it necessary to color their hair every 2-3 weeks.
  • NATURCOLOR contains plant oils, which protect the hair from damage and give the hair nutrients that are absorbed due to the natural plant enzymes and glycols. This leaves the hair with the luminous appearance from the source of the hair shaft, not from a synthetic co-polymer as commonly used in the hair product industry.

NATURCOLOR provides a Consumer Care Hotline available 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, PST. Our support staff can answer all your questions concerning color selection and application. Please feel free to call us at 800-784-8212.